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Canberra as seen from the roof of the Parliament House of Australia
Photo: Canberra as seen from the roof of the Parliament House of Australia

Canberra ACT Australia With Tourist Map

See map Canberra Tourist Map - Canberra Weather ACT.

This city, the capital of Australia, was founded following the federation of the six British colonies of Australia. Formed as the seat of government, it is Australia’s largest inland city.

Pronounced ‘Can-bra’. Designed by Walter Burley Griffin, there are major national monuments, museums, art galleries and attractions located here. The majority are located within the area of the city referred to as the Canberra Parliamentary Triangle.

You will find the city is scenic, surrounded by the mountains, farmlands and natural parks. An international competition was held to choose the best design and won by the architect Walter Burley Griffin in 1912, with building commencing the next year.

The name, ’Canberra’ is an Aboriginal word meaning ’meeting place’. With its low level buildings, parks and idyllic scenery, its a great place for walks and bicycle rides, or even a picnic.

Canberra Places to Visit

Walter Burley Griffin envisioned the city to be spacious and low level, centered on Lake Burley Griffin Canberra. Well worth a visit, is Lake Burley Griffin. Along the shores you walk, cycle, or even travel with a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. The lake itself is bordered by splendid parklands, making the city more than the political and diplomatic centre of the country, but an attraction in itself:

Canberra is the home of many of Australia&rsquo:s world-class galleries and museums, including the National Museum of Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial.

Those interested in much of Australia’s unique flora and fauna should take the time to explore the National Arboretum and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

National Zoo and Aquarium: Take a journey through diverse habitats, encountering a vast array of animals from Australia and around the globe. From majestic lions and tigers to captivating penguins and sharks, the National Zoo and Aquarium offers captivating encounters with the wonders of the natural world.

Places to Visit

Best Attractions of Canberra

Bus Route 101

A scenic and relaxing tour of Canberra is the new free bus service has been launched to cater for the inner city of Canberra, which passes major tourist attractions and loops through the city centre:

Free City Loop Bus Service

Best Canberra Things to Do

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial: The Australian War Memorial is a must-visit for anyone interested in Australian history. Explore the extensive galleries and pay respect at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

National Gallery of Australia: A treasure trove of Australian and international art, the National Gallery of Australia houses masterpieces by renowned artists alongside captivating works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Wander through galleries brimming with beauty and inspiration, broadening your horizons and enriching your understanding of human creativity.

National Portrait Gallery: Step into a realm where faces tell tales, as the National Portrait Gallery showcases a captivating collection of portraits depicting individuals who have made significant contributions to Australian life. From politicians and artists to scientists and sportspeople, each portrait offers a glimpse into the lives and achievements of those who have helped shape the nation.

Parliament House

Parliament House: The heart of Australian democracy, Parliament House is where the nation’s laws are made. Take a tour of the building, observe proceedings in the House of Representatives and Senate chambers, and gain insights into the Australian political system.

Questacon: Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon has a great collection of interactive exhibits, captivating live shows and engaging encounters with scientists. Known for sparking youthful curiosity and igniting imaginations, making it a delightful destination for families with children.

Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House:Occupying what was once a quiet sheep paddock, Old Parliament House was originally intended as a ’provisional’ parliament, housing some 300 people. However, by the end of its functional life (1927 to 1988), there were more than 3,000 staff and parliamentarians working there. The building is now dedicated as the Museum of Australian Democracy and open to visitors.

Mount Ainslie Lookout: Ascend to Mount Ainslie Lookout and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic vistas of Canberra and its surrounds. Capture stunning photographs, enjoy a leisurely picnic, or simply soak in the serenity of this elevated vantage point.

Museum of Australian Democracy: Australian politics is on display at the Museum of Australian Democracy, housed within the walls of Old Parliament House. Explore interactive exhibits, gain insights into the nation’s political evolution, and discover the stories of those who have shaped Australia’s democratic landscape.

National Museum of Australia: Embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich history and diverse cultures that have shaped Australia. From the ancient origins of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the nation’s modern-day achievements, the National Museum of Australia offers a comprehensive and engaging narrative of Australia’s past, present, and future.

Canberra Tourist Attractions

Canberra features many of Australia’s national attractions, museums and galleries. This alone is a good enough reason to visit, but also offers much more. To mention a few:

  • Old Parliament House
  • New Parliament House
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • National Zoo and Aquarium
  • Black Mountain Tower

Canberra Museums

  • National Museum of Australia
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Royal Australian Mint

Australia Tours

A great way to see Canberra Australia is to hire a car or campervan and to drive from Sydney Australia to Melbourne Australia or vice versa, with a stop off in Canberra.

You can then explore the world class museums and galleries, enjoy the stylish restaurants and bars, go shopping in the many craft and food markets and have constructive and educational fun with the kids.

Canberra Attractions

Canberra Museums

Holiday for the Kids

Kids things to do and see Canberra Kids.

Backpackers Trail

Many backpackers as well have enjoyed the Melbourne to Sydney trail with a stay in Canberra. Some of the memorable things to do include a tour with Brindabella Bike Tours, visits to some of the capital’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs, a Canberra Ghost and History Tour with Destiny Tours and of course, the National Museum of Australia.


Since Canberra is the capital, there are many working politicians and an army of civil servants with their families. They like to dine and the result is that the city has a very fine collection of eateries and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Getting Around

Canberra, being a new city amongst the world’s great cities, has well designed roads with ample buses, cycle paths as well as numerous walkways. See more about Getting Around Canberra.

Greater Canberra and Surrounds

Places to Visit in Greater Canberra and the Surrounds - What to See and What to Do? Greater Canberra Surrounds.

ACT National Parks

The Australian Capital Territory has stunning national parks within easy driving distance of the city: ACT National Parks to Visit.

Map shows the ACT and NSW
ACT Region Map

Canberra Accommodation

Throughout the region there are hotels, historic pubs, bed and breakfast, motels and caravan parks. For those so inclined, many of the national parks offer camping and caravan sites for a fee.

Canberra, catering to international diplomats, has of course, some of the country’s finest luxury hotels.

Australian Capital Territory Hotels and Accommodation

ACT accommodation throughout the state:

Hotels in Canberra

Interested in trying a working holiday here or elsewhere in Australia? Find out more here Employment in Australia.

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Australian Flag against a Clear Blue Sky - Parliament House
Photo: Australian Flag against a Clear Blue Sky - Parliament House

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