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Scuba Diving Wrecks in Tasmania
Photo: Scuba Diving Wrecks in Tasmania

Tasmania Australia - Places, Map and Tourist Information

Map of Tasmania

To the south of the continent of Australia, Tasmania offers magnificent untouched wilderness areas with rushing whitewater rivers, rugged coastlines and trees thousands of years old.

With a fifth of Tasmania being under heritage and ecological protection, Tasmania is a splendid getaway from busy Sydney and Melbourne. You will find plenty of historic, scenic and interesting Places to Visit, depending on your tastes.

Museums and Attractions

Inhabited by Aboriginals for thousands of years, Tasmania was first sighted by Europeans in 1642, on an expedition to explore “New Hollandia” by the early Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman.

British European settlement came in 1803 at Risdon Cove, on the Derwent River. The bustling village was moved across the river a year later, it soon developed into a thriving port and was renamed Hobart.

Convicts were being sent to the colony from 1804 on and sent to various stations around the island. Tasmania began to attract early free settlers as well. You can visit a number of these early places of punishment and settlement, including Port Arthur and Sarah Station with their restored buildings, museums and tours.

History of Tasmania

At the foot of Mt. Wellington lies Hobart Tasmania. Well planned out by the then New South Wales Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1811, it has the appearance of a well kept city, with the backdrop dominated by the Mountain.

In Hobart there are a number of excellent eateries and restaurants - food in Tasmania consists not only the freshest of seafood but Tasmanian produce. Be sure to have some fish and chips at Constitution Dock:

Hobart Tasmania

Wild rivers and mountain wilderness, pristine beaches and spectacular views. Abundant bird and wildlife, green rainforests are amongst the terms that describe Tasmania National Parks, including the listed World Heritage Areas.

These vast untouched areas continue to attract visitors from all over the world. Combined with the fresh tastes of Tasmanian food including seafood, specially brewed beers and flavourful wines it will continue to do so:

Tours to the wilderness parks, Port Arthur with its convict history and places like Launceston, are all available from Hobart. Take a ride on the restored Abt Railway between Queenstown and Strahan to explore spectacular rainforests.

There are many specialist wildlife tours available, by land, sea or air. Opportunities to fish, whether deep sea, on the shore or on one of Tasmania’s wild rivers, abound. Tasmania is also a backpacker’s dream with walks from the short to adventure bushwalk trekking:

Tasmania Gordon River

There is a growing collection of attractions to visit, tours including the pristine wilderness areas and convict history, Creative Things to Do, Driving Experiences, Adventure and Extreme, Family Things to Do, Flying, Getaways, Activities for your Group, Outdoors, Pampering experiences, Water Activities, Wine & Dine, Special Offers and Gift Certificates. Or even take a bicycle tour for a closer look.

There are events throughout the year, celebrating all things Tasmania from agriculture to sailing. The famed Sydney to Hobart yacht races are an annual December event, as are the Melbourne to Hobart races.

The Derby River Derby : a river raft race with music and activities for the whole family is held in October. The Taste of Tasmania (The Taste) celebrates fine food, wine and local produce with entertainment in December and is part of the Hobart Summer Festival.

Hobart also hosts the Clarence by the Water Jazz Festival in February, which has developed into an annual six day event and offers great food and music, as well as activities and things to do for kids of all ages.

Events: Tall Ships Festival

One of the great memorable Tasmania events that takes place yearly is the:

Tall Ships Festival

The taste of Tasmania consists of fresh produce, bountiful seafood and a great selection of wines and ales:

Hobart City Map

See the Hobart City Map showing attractions and places to visit:

Hobart CBD Map

Current Weather for Hobart Tasmania

Current weather for Hobart and Tasmania, including forecasts:

Hobart Tasmania Weather

Tasmania Hotels and Accommodation

There are a number of boutique hotels to be found around Tasmania, many located in restored historical buildings. There are also plenty of Bed & Breakfasts, you can also stay at isolated lodges surrounded by wilderness with luxury appointments and a growing network of Backpackers.



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