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Exploring and enjoying Monkey Mia National Park in Western Australia
Photo: Exploring and enjoying Monkey Mia National Park in Western Australia

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Visit and Explore our National Parks in Australia

Australia National Parks Map

Australia has a long history of National Parks, indeed, the Royal National Park on the outskirts of Sydney is the second oldest National Park in the world, having been declared in 1879, just after Yellowstone National Park in the USA.

There are numerous parks spread all throughout the country, including of course, the Great Barrier Reef, encompassing the largest living entity in the world and the only one visible from space. There are parks that protect the wildlife in desert areas, tropical regions, mountains and stunning coastal areas.

There are also numerous state parks, reserves and botanical gardens, all designed to protect the plants and fauna of this beautiful and diverse continent. All of them are worth visiting and most are easily accessible, though not all.

Australian World Heritage Sites

Protecting not only important areas of aesthetic beauty but also cultural significance and on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution of life are our 19 Australian World Heritage Sites.

  • Blue Mountains
  • Canberra ACT National Parks

    A large section of the Australian Capital Territory is both National Park and State reserves, from animal reserves to high mountain peaks. See more about the National Parks in the Australian Capital Territory. Map of the ACT showing Parks Australian Capital Territory Map.

    New South Wales

    NSW National Parks Tourist Information - More about the many stunning National Parks in Sydney and New South Wales. Explore Aboriginal Culture, Australian wildlife and the NSW natural vistas.

    See the National Parks in NSW page for more. Snowy Mountains Map, NSW.


    The state of Queensland has stunning parks along the coast, but also in the North Tropical regions. Visit Queensland National Parks.


    Victoria National Parks Map - National Parks in Victoria, also showing larger natural reserves in the state. Shows the Great Ocean Road, Wilsons Promontory, Grampians, Murray Sunset, mountain and desert parks:

    Victoria National Parks Map

    Victoria National Parks

    Victoria Australia

    South Australia

    South Australia has parks that range from wild coastal wilderness to red coloured desert sands. More about the SA Parks and Reserves:

    SA Parks and Reserves

    Flinders Ranges National Park

    Western Australia

    Western Australia, being the largest state in country, has vast parks that include the Kimberley, Ningaloo Reef and Yanchep National Park, home to kangaroos, koalas and numerous birdlife. About the:

    Western Australia National Parks

    Western Australia

    Northern Territory

    National Parks and Reserves in the NT:

    Northern Territory Parks and Reserves


    With a third of this beautiful island state protected national parks and World Heritage Sites, this ensures Tasmania will be a world class destination for many generations to come:

    Tasmania National Parks and Reserves

    Survival in the Outback

    Driving, getting lost and other hazards:

    Travelling the Australian Outback

    National Parks Maps

    Showing major national parks in Australia:

    Map of National Parks in Australia



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